Moving On Out – Part 3

When I did live in B’s basement, before we both had Xbox live (or even that silly WiFi attachment you had to buy separately), we ran a 50 foot ethernet cable between floors to play Left 4 Dead co-op. Those were the days.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    Reminds me of old LAN parties back in high school.

    • boliver

      Those were the days.

  2. Warren Frantz

    Castle Greyskull! Love it!

    • boliver

      Thanks, Warren!

  3. ElectricGecko

    10/100! You’re still good for something! We know it in our heart of hearts, which is why we can’t throw out those old 1000-foot boxes of the stuff in the garage. When the apocalypse comes, we know it’ll be the only way to do multiplayer.

    • boliver

      It’s true :D. I’ll have the generator hooked up with multiple Xboxes so we can play Halo and survive off canned goods :)

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