TWT52 – Alarming Situation

Don’t you hate that feeling when you wake up, look over at the clock, and your alarm is going to go off in like… 20 minutes. You could sleep for those 20 minutes, so you’re not going to get up and start the day… but your brain knows that you will barely nod off before you’re rudely awakened by your rude awakening device. So instead, you just lie there, as the minutes count down. Oh well… first world problems :).


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  1. Schmuck Man

    Simple solution for this: sledgehammer.

    • coliver

      Maybe I’ll go big and get Mjölnir

  2. Saeed

    Yup. I can stare at my clock for ten minutes, but as soon as that alarm rings I hit snooze and roll right back to sleep. Every damned time.

    • coliver

      I’d trade for that :)

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