Where are they soon?

It’s a legitimate question to ask why I even care… I’ve never really read Archie comics. I suppose I just found it odd that they’ve decided that a fitting end to Archie Andrews, the very quintessence of pulp, is an untimely one.


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  1. Gary Cohen (@cohencide)

    Ilove this

  2. Chris Doherty

    Given that Jughead has been Captain Hero for decades and Veronica gets a one-off Black Canary expy as a borderline villain, I think you have the first two panels backwards.

    I may have read a few too many Archie comics in the 1980s.

    • boliver

      Lol, well alright then :)

  3. Schumck Man

    I have no idea who these characters are. Should I feel old or too young?

  4. Daniel Barton


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