New Rules

I assume you’re all familiar with Rule 34… at its simplest, it reads “there is porn of it”. We propose rule 404 as, “there is not-porn of it”. Gary is on the case.


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  1. David

    That is just plain, straight-up EVIL! I will never commit to Rule 404 (nudity not found).

    That said, I rarely commit to Rule 34, either. I don’t need niches to get good porn.

  2. Schmuck Man

    Let’s be reasonable here. Think about what you’re doing first. The porn doesn’t deserve this.

  3. cpdohert

    You jest, but Stagnetti’s Pirates was such a huge big budget production that it was released direct to video as a mainstream release with the sex scenes cut out.

  4. Eric

    Whew! So you’re leaving in the good stuff. Okay, great!

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