Call of Spacey

I don’t play Call of Duty games, in general. But this is a nice try, Activision… getting an actor I like to be in your game in a role that’s like an exaggerated version of another character that he plays in a show I like. It’s clever. But it’s not going to work. Because I know someone with too much time on their hands is going cut all the Kevin Spacey parts together into a single 10 minute video and post it online within two weeks of the game’s release.



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  1. Schmuck Man

    Last year they tried using a dog, this year, a real person in the game. Nice try but my interest in CoD games is still nonexistent. They are probably not going to show me anything I haven’t done in a game before and when they come out every year, it doesn’t make them seem special to me at all.

  2. Bill Murphy

    Sadly, I’m exactly like this…

    • boliver

      I may personally give it a shot but I know C is right out.

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