Good Idea At The Time

Promoting their new game, Watchdogs, Ubisoft sent a safe to a reporter in Australia, which was meant to be accompanied by a phone message explaining that the safe contained a copy of their game. The reporter did not have voicemail, so when the safe started beeping, the bomb squad was called in, who then “diffused” the advance copy of Watchdogs inside. Ubisoft did not think that one through…


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  1. Bill Murphy

    Ah, ha! That’s a terrific story! :D

  2. Schmuck Man

    Oh wow, I did not hear about that one. Great promotion if it would have worked.

  3. Bearman Cartoons

    But now we are talking about it so maybe they did think it through haha

    • boliver

      Lol, I still don’t have the game ;)

  4. James

    The art on this comic is really on point. Loved it.

    • boliver

      You honour me with your words, sir.

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