TWT56 – The Stakeout

A note for those of you who hail from outside of Canada… Cherry Coke is actually quite hard to come by here. The majority of stores aren’t allowed to sell it, I think because of the way they do the flavouring. I do so love it though. My folks bring be back a case every now and then, and I drink it over the course of months.

And yes. That is a toilet paper tube. Because I am high-tech.


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  1. Bill Murphy

    Next time you are out of cherry coke, add a tablespoon of Grenadine (Pomegranate Syrup) to regular coke. Not the same, but it’s a fix! ;)

    • coliver

      Good point! Tough to get those proportions just right though :).

  2. Schmuck Man

    The toilet paper roll was a nice touch.

    • coliver

      I actually have binoculars, but I couldn’t find them… this probably works better anyway.

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