Ugh… Him?

I guess beggars can’t be choosers.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    He still kinda sucks. He is kind of useless anywhere else.

    • boliver

      Water. That is where he needs to stay.

  2. Gary Cohen (@cohencide)

    Aquaman is awesome.

  3. Bill Murphy

    Nice to know Aquaman is here to save the day.
    You know, when a twelve year old boy scout isn’t available. :P

  4. Nezumi

    I mean, he’s only got near-Superman levels of strength and imperviousness to harm as required secondary powers to being able to operate at deep-ocean pressures, plus his command of sea life being a lot more versatile and potent than it’s usually given credit for, even before we get into the fact that this has sometimes been stretched to provide a lesser degree of control over all animal life since it all originated from the ocean and there’s presumably atavistic elements he can play on.

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