Dapper Un-wrapper

The Dapper Rapper returns! It’s been almost a year since his last appearance (364 days to be exact). We’ll try not to wait that long again, because he’s far too fun to write.

As for boxing day, I recommend keeping the shopping online. It’s just as frustrating, but at least you only have yourself to shove and yell at.


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  1. David

    Being at the receiving end of these uncouth barbarian hordes (retail storeperson/warehouse manager), your words ring effing true. I would so love to post this up on my work area.

  2. Schmuck Man

    Sorry my American-ness is showing but I’m going to have to look up boxing day. The name suggests beating the hell out of everyone which sounds damn fun.

    • David

      I don’t know the origins of Boxing Day, myself (odd, given that I live in Australia which observes Boxing Day (but I never question ANY days off from work)), but given that some shops have specials like your Black Friday sales, you’re not that far off…

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