TWT63 – Steam

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy any Call of Duty games. I didn’t buy Duke Nukem Forever either. But that’s not to say that I wouldn’t if the price was right. It’s that attitude that has resulted in my Steam collection quietly growing to insane proportions. It’s those damn sales, they’re hard to turn down, especially when a game is 75%+ off, which is common. I always tell myself I’ll play each and every one I buy, but who am I kidding. I guess I just like having the options.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    I think this happens to everyone soon after they get a Steam account and their first huge Summer/Winter sale hits. It did for me anyway. Luckily I never bought any CoD game or Duke Nukem Forever.

    Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 came out recently…. just saying.

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