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Do you have a comic idea you’d like to see? Want to see Brandon draw a flying donkey that battles technorganic aliens in an 1870′s English countryside ©?  Email, or post a comment here and we might use your idea in a future strip.

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  1. Jeff H.

    Draw a flying donkey that battles technorganic aliens in an 1870’s English countryside.


  2. Alun

    Do what Jeff said ….also robot downy junior

  3. Jeff H.

    Captaaaaaain Crooooooootch Caaaaaaaards…no wait, that’s been done. Umm…not really sure where anyone can go after that.

  4. Jeff H.

    How about a Latino Voltron hangin’ wid his pimps an’ hos in the mean streets of downtown Toronto.

  5. Jeff H.

    …the mean streets of Uptown Waterloo?

  6. Jeff H.

    How about new designs for Nunavut’s license plate?

  7. Jeff H.

    Alternate versions of Cowboys and Aliens (ie. Replace with nouns of your choice):
    – Dogs and Stilettos
    – Mummies and Daddies (Egyptian Mummies, that is)
    – Alvin and Chipmunks (ummmm…never mind)
    – Bacon and Eggs

    Y’know, I don’t really have any good examples…come up with some damn ones on yer own.

    • boliver

      You get an “A” for effort.

  8. Michael Corley

    Mocking Furries. That’s always fun.

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