Nov 13Talking with You – So Long For Now
Nov 10A is for…
Nov 6Whale-ure
Nov 4TWT71 – The Question
Oct 30Context
Oct 28Fire (Related) Safety
Oct 22Giving Crime a Real Lickin’
Oct 21A-Game
Oct 16Picture Show
Oct 14Watch and Learn
Oct 9Acronymicon
Oct 7TWT70 – Plastic Surgery
Oct 2Pickle Salad #5: Cool Coups
Sep 29Pickle Salad #4: Terminal
Sep 25Regular Gaming
Sep 23Bogarting the Protein
Sep 18Burn Notice
Sep 16Dapper Rapper: Do Not Refer to it as a “Comeback”
Sep 11Going A Mile Less
Sep 9RSVPee
Sep 4The Molar of the Story
Sep 2TWT69 – What a Brush
Aug 28Lettuce Rejoice
Aug 26Cheque-mate
Aug 21Na na na na na na na na Newmaaaaaan
Aug 19In Meta-Fence…
Aug 14Summer Special – Pickle Salad #3: Be Afraid
Aug 11Summer Special – Pickle Salad #2: Free Candy
Aug 6Summer Special – Pickle Salad #1: Tech Supportive
Aug 5TWT68 – Moving Day
Jul 31The Krispie Killer
Jul 29Hyper-bowel-y
Jul 24Off the Wall
Jul 22Next-Level Security
Jul 17Apathy Record
Jul 15Tough and Wiener – Cat Burglar: Part III
Jul 10Tough and Wiener – Cat Burglar: Part II
Jul 8Tough and Wiener – Cat Burglar: Part I
Jul 3Nutty Customer
Jul 1TWT67 – Halo Jive
Jun 26A Disturbing Prize
Jun 24Addi(c)tion
Jun 19Cloaking Fun
Jun 17Ye Olde Internet #10
Jun 12Ye Olde Internet #9
Jun 10Ye Olde Internet #8
Jun 5Ye Olde Internet #7
Jun 3TWT66 – It’s On Now
May 29Mic Minds
May 27Ye Olde Internet #6
May 22Feeling Chip-per
May 20Ye Olde Internet #5
May 15Ye Olde Internet #4
May 13Ye Olde Internet #3
May 8Ye Olde Internet #2
May 6TWT 65 – TMI
May 1Ye Olde Internet #1
Apr 29Sail Sale
Apr 24Smashing Party
Apr 22Give Him A Shot
Apr 17Smashing Suggestion
Apr 15Warning Signs
Apr 10Market Differentiator
Apr 8Defective Appliance
Apr 3Two Jobs
Apr 1TWT 64 – Name Changer
Mar 27Excel-lent
Mar 25Sodium Chloride
Mar 20Barrier Theft
Mar 18Bad Pedigree
Mar 13Oh Joy, Oh Raptor
Mar 11Speeding Bullet
Mar 6Shoo!
Mar 4TWT63 – Steam
Feb 27Tough and Wiener – Know Tolerance: Part III
Feb 25Tough and Wiener – Know Tolerance: Part II
Feb 20Tough and Wiener – Know Tolerance: Part I
Feb 18Well, Sheet
Feb 13Never Alone
Feb 11Spoiler Etiquette
Feb 6The White Stuff
Feb 4TWT62 – Amiibros: Part II
Jan 30What’s New is Old Again
Jan 28A Legal Vessel
Jan 23All Arti-choked Up
Jan 21Reality Sets In
Jan 16Furniture Kingdom
Jan 14The Fruit Variety
Jan 9Chomping at the Bit
Jan 7TWT61 – Amiibros: Part I
Jan 2A Broadcast of Sorts


Dec 31Gary’s Guide To Trolling: Part Whatever
Dec 26Dapper Un-wrapper
Dec 23Christmas 2014: Link – Santa Suit
Dec 19Rhyme Felony: Part III
Dec 17Rhyme Felony: Part II
Dec 12Rhyme Felony: Part I
Dec 10Bane-anas
Dec 5Juras-sick World
Dec 3TWT60 – Sports
Nov 28How To Fix A Picky Eater
Nov 26Smashing Name
Nov 21What’s Gary Up To?: Part IV
Nov 19What’s Gary Up To?: Part III
Nov 14What’s Gary Up To?: Part II
Nov 12What’s Gary Up To? – Part I
Nov 7Excelsior!
Nov 5TWT59 – XBoring
Oct 31Hairy Situation
Oct 29Control Issues
Oct 24It Doesn’t Justify The Means
Oct 22Making it Hail
Oct 17Tough and Wiener – I’ll Do the Talking: Part IV
Oct 15Tough and Wiener – I’ll Do the Talking: Part III
Oct 10Tough and Wiener – I’ll Do the Talking Part II
Oct 8Tough and Wiener – I’ll Do the Talking: Part I
Oct 3Lighting Up
Oct 1TWT58 – Why Belgium?
Sep 26Birthday Bash
Sep 24The Food Chain
Sep 19Dietary Restrictions
Sep 17Breaking the Habit
Sep 123Do’s and 3Don’ts
Sep 10Roger Rabbit
Sep 5Identity Rental
Sep 3TWT57 – Zombies
Aug 29A Word From Our Sponsors
Aug 27Fun, With Sleepwalkers!
Aug 22Specific Conditions
Aug 201812 Impracticality
Aug 15Micro-Transactions
Aug 13He’s a Monster
Aug 8Ugh… Him?
Aug 6TWT56 – The Stakeout
Aug 1Tire-d Of It
Jul 30Ecclesi-ass-tease
Jul 25Keith Jones
Jul 23Winners Don’t Do Drugs
Jul 18Tempting Links
Jul 16Problem Solving
Jul 11And The Winner Is…
Jul 9A Rift Between Us
Jul 4That’s Just Fowl
Jul 2TWT55 – eResponsible
Jun 27Tough and Wiener – Time is Slipping Away: Part III
Jun 25Tough and Wiener – Time is Slipping Away: Part II
Jun 20Tough and Wiener – Time is Slipping Away: Part I
Jun 18E3ditorial
Jun 13Close, Butt Not Quite
Jun 11Mortal Kuddles
Jun 6Good Idea At The Time
Jun 4TWT54 – Just in Time
May 30Stating the Obvious
May 28Dark Past
May 23Call of Spacey
May 21It’s Morphin’ Time
May 16Furniture Flirtation Part 3
May 14Furniture Flirtation Part 2
May 9Furniture Flirtation Part 1
May 7TWT53 – Nuts
May 2Revolving Door
Apr 30Bedtime Story
Apr 25Recollection
Apr 23New Rules
Apr 18Where are they soon?
Apr 16Three’s Company
Apr 11Time for a Break
Apr 9Footwear Noir
Apr 4Twitchy
Apr 2TWT52 – Alarming Situation
Mar 28Moving On Out – Part 3
Mar 26Moving On Out – Part 2
Mar 21Moving On Out – Part 1
Mar 19Hurts So Good
Mar 14His Ears are Burning
Mar 12Something for Everyone
Mar 7The Bay Team
Mar 5TWT 51 – Language
Feb 28The Foot Plan
Feb 26How to Train Your Dragonborn
Feb 21Such an Ass
Feb 19The Goldfinger Method
Feb 14The Aviator
Feb 12Prattler’s Footwear
Feb 7The Fun in Fungus (Mildly NSFW)
Feb 5TWT50 – Mutiny
Jan 31Spicy Proposition
Jan 29Birth and Turf
Jan 24A Link Between Locker Rooms
Jan 22Occupational Hazards
Jan 17Baby on Board
Jan 15Wonder Date
Jan 10Stoned Equine
Jan 8TWT49 – Weather the Weather
Jan 3Hitting the Bottle


Dec 312013 vs 2014: Fight!
Dec 27Dapper Rapper – Happy Holidays
Dec 24Christmas 2013: Silent Night, Zombie Night
Dec 20Tough and Wiener – The Dick Who Stole Christmas: Part IV
Dec 18Tough and Wiener – The Dick Who Stole Christmas: Part III
Dec 13Tough and Wiener – The Dick Who Stole Christmas: Part II
Dec 11Tough and Wiener – The Dick Who Stole Christmas: Part I
Dec 6How it’s Done
Dec 4TWT48 – Console-ation
Nov 29Lowered Expectations
Nov 27Adjective Number
Nov 22Pokeparenting
Nov 20Guest Strip: 6 Color Stories
Nov 15Guest Strip: Rain Dogs
Nov 13Guest Strip: Poutine Shake
Nov 8Guest Strip: Goober and Cindy
Nov 6TWT47 – The Contract: Part 2
Oct 31The Walking Dad
Oct 30Guest Strip: Walter the Wicked gets twxxd #5
Oct 25Guest Strip: Walter the Wicked gets twxxd #4
Oct 23Guest Strip: Walter the Wicked gets twxxd #3
Oct 18Guest Strip: Walter the Wicked gets twxxd #2
Oct 16Guest Strip: Walter the Wicked gets twxxd #1
Oct 11Guest Strip: Contrast
Oct 9Guest Strip: Maternity Prime
Oct 4Toad-Rule
Oct 2TWT46 – The Contract: Part 1
Sep 27GMO Label Still Required
Sep 25Ultimate Weapon
Sep 20Oasis
Sep 18Neglect
Sep 13Down
Sep 11Not Nigh
Sep 6Camel-Woe
Sep 4TWT45 – Up North
Sep 1Affman
Aug 30Winner Every Time
Aug 28Cold Reception
Aug 23Fair Competition
Aug 21Tough and Wiener – You’re Not Drawing Me In
Aug 16Lifesaver
Aug 14The Pitch
Aug 9Prick in the Wall
Aug 7TWT44 – On the Toy-hunt
Aug 2Pros and Cons
Jul 31Dapper Rapper: Food
Jul 24Pet Peeve
Jul 19Getting Catty
Jul 17All Natural
Jul 12Bearded
Jul 10Dapper Rapper: Math
Jul 5Hey There, Hand-some
Jul 3TWT43 – Box Block
Jun 28Level Up
Jun 26Not the Last of Them
Jun 21Console Numerology
Jun 19Time Enough at Last
Jun 14Springer
Jun 12Things Are Getting Hare-y
Jun 7Ripoff
Jun 5TWT42 – Camp Story
May 31Konsole Kids
May 29Dapper Rapper: On Next Gen Consoles
May 24Mega Can
May 22Persistence
May 17Tough and Wiener – Diamonds are for-Sometimes: Part III
May 15Tough and Wiener – Diamonds are for-Sometimes: Part II
May 10Tough and Wiener – Diamonds are for-Sometimes: Part I
May 8A Jungle Out There
May 3Vigorous Defeat
May 1TWT 41 – Big Money
Apr 26Master of Awkward
Apr 24Acceptance
Apr 19Dirty Jobs
Apr 17Be Prepared
Apr 12Luigi’s Happy Place
Apr 10Dapper Rapper: On Gaming
Apr 5TWT40 – Can’t Play Em All!
Apr 3Use Your Words
Mar 29Gary’s a Croft-y One
Mar 27Oh, the Aran-y
Mar 22The Characters… So Far
Mar 20200
Mar 15Large Explosion Hypothesis
Mar 13TWT 39 – Pickup Line
Mar 8Game of Snow: Part 4
Mar 6Game of Snow: Part 3
Mar 1Game of Snow: Part 2
Feb 27Game of Snow: Part 1
Feb 22Heart of Obsidian
Feb 20The Hell Did I Just Say?…
Feb 15Cowcraft
Feb 13Hater’s Are Prone to Hate
Feb 8Siri Doesn’t Speak Canadian
Feb 6TWT38 – A Losing Battle
Feb 1Sad Realization
Jan 30Theodore Creeper
Jan 25Wii MUde Swings
Jan 23Glade of Dreams of Rayman
Jan 18Yaccident
Jan 16Tough and Wiener – It’s Not the Size that Counts
Jan 11Strong Lance Arm
Jan 9Gotye Says
Jan 4Code-It-Yourself
Jan 2TWT37 – New Year’s Revelations


Dec 31Dapper Rapper’s New Year’s Eve
Dec 25Christmas 2012 Sketch: Epic Grinch
Dec 24Merry Christmas from
Dec 21The Consumerist – Part 4
Dec 19The Consumerist – Part 3
Dec 14The Consumerist – Part 2
Dec 12The Consumerist – Part 1
Dec 7After a Hard Day…
Dec 5TWT36 – COD Block
Nov 30Wordsmith’s Companion
Nov 28Nintendo Land of the Dead
Nov 23Wii U Hate Me
Nov 21Tough and Wiener – Handy… In a Pinch
Nov 16GMO Label Required
Nov 14That Would be Handy
Nov 8Ewwww
Nov 6TWT35 – Illin’
Nov 4Podcast Episode 81 – RIM Comics
Nov 1Gold Mine
Oct 30Left 4 the Imagination
Oct 25Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Oct 23Tough and Wiener – Vantage Point
Oct 18Just Checking
Oct 16Mattressaurus
Oct 11Tough and Wiener – A Good Catch
Oct 9Libel to Kill
Oct 7Podcast Episode 78 – The Free Ranger Comic
Oct 4Exclusive Membership
Oct 2TWT34 – MyPhone
Sep 27You Said It
Sep 25Mega Maniac
Sep 20Bad Coverage
Sep 18Nintendo Rules
Sep 13Drinking the Kool-Aid
Sep 11It’s a Me, Amore
Sep 9Podcast Episode 76 – Jon’s Crazy Stuff
Sep 6TWT33 – You’d HAVE to be drunk…
Sep 4TFI: Tip #3
Aug 30Dapper Rapper Returns
Aug 28TFI: Tip #47
Aug 26Podcast Episode 75 – Cereals for Lunch
Aug 23A New Day is Dawning
Aug 21TFI: Tip #73
Aug 16twxxd-ing
Aug 15TFI: Tip #23
Aug 12Podcast Episode 74 – Midnight Radio
Aug 10TWT32 – Central Europe
Aug 8TFI: Tip #53
Aug 2Staying in Character
Aug 1TFI: Tip #17
Jul 29Podcast Episode 72 – Brad Joyce
Jul 27The Dark Knight Trolls
Jul 25TFI: Tip #8
Jul 20Try Not To Think About It
Jul 17Downer
Jul 13Back in Cack
Jul 11TWT31 – Toyicide
Jul 6Guest Strip: Mike Hearn
Jul 4Guest Strip: Life… After Death
Jun 29Guest Strip: The Obscure Gentleman
Jun 27Guest Strip: Zombie Boy
Jun 22Guest Strip: Legacy Control
Jun 20Guest Strip: The Frumps
Jun 15Heart Valve
Jun 12A New Challenger Has Appeared
Jun 8Hate That Guy
Jun 6TWT30 – Kid Icarus Apprising
Jun 4The Tit-Fairy
Jun 1Kris Cross
May 29A Call to Arms
May 25I Don’t Feel So Good
May 22Rock Bottom
May 18Miscommunication
May 15If Only
May 11Familiar Mechanic
May 8Dennis vs. Dennis
May 4Don’t make me horny… you wouldn’t like me when I’m horny
May 2TWT29 – Pest Control
Apr 29The Avengers Babies
Apr 27Gentleman’s Gesture
Apr 24MF office #50: The End
Apr 20Oh Snap!