twxxd.com [twekst] is primarily a web comic site, boasting diverse content in a variety of formats and art styles. We hope you find something you like!

See below to find more information on the content found on twxxd.com. For more information on our podcast, check out the Podcasts link:

twxxd – The flagship comic of twxxd.com, twxxd is a gag strip which exists in a universe where out of work cartoon characters live along side humans. Updates Wednesdays and Fridays. Learn more.

twxxd classic – Before twxxd, there was… twxxd classic. Go back to the beginning to see the humble beginnings of twxxd.com, the archive of black and white humor strips that got us started. Twxxd classic ends right about when we started having colour strips, and we’ve never looked back (with the exception of the frequent times that we’ve looked back).

MFOffice – A black and white three-panel strip focusing on observational humour. Discontinued, but we hope you enjoy the archives!

TWT – Talking With Toys is a comic made from actual photos of the twxxd.com writer carrying on conversations with an excessive toy collection. It’s a long-form humour comic, generally tackling current events and gaming news. Updates monthly.

Tough and Wiener – A noir setting. A fast talking cop (Tough) and his burly silent partner (Wiener). And dames, dames, dames. What more could you ask for? Follow these detectives as they solve crimes, fight the bad guys, and make a slew of entertaining (and grim) witticisms. Updates whenever we feel like it :).

Tips for Immortals – TFI is a foray into sci-fi non-humor, featuring a truly immortal man, and the advice (or tips) that he wishes to impart, over his many life times, to any other immortal who may be around to listen. Updates come in seven strip runs, whenever we feel like it. These strips are likely to have a new home, coming soon!

Drawn and written by two brothers in Kitchener, Ontario Canada. Updates on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contact us at fanmail@twxxd.com.