Don’t make me horny… you wouldn’t like me when I’m horny


I cannot emphasize enough just how excited B was about drawing that hulk wang. It’s scary how much he wanted to draw that member. Ever since we said we’d wait for the Avenger’s movie to do this comic he was eagerly waiting. When he was done, he was just so damn proud of it, like a kid wanting to put his work up on the fridge.

He is so giddy and happy with it in fact, that an uncensored (NSFW) version of this is available here.

I’m rather looking forward to the Avenger’s movie. I’ve enjoyed all of the movies leading up to it… I’m also a bit of a “Whedonite”, so that’s a factor. I’m a little upset that Ed Norton isn’t The Hulk anymore, but I’ll get over it. Fingers crossed they didn’t screw it up somehow!


Yeah, that’s right. Check out that big ol’ hulk junk I drew. I drew that. ME. Happy Avengers day everybody. (<- NSFW again) ~B Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;)


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  1. Alexx

    This Hulk’s balls are almost as big as Kevin Conroy’s Batman!

    • boliver

      They’re as strong as Kevin Controy’s Batman too.


    Thank you for the blur. :)

  3. Bearman

    If anyone buys a print of this I want to know so I can laugh at them.

    • boliver

      Come on now, people! Buy this print! It’s a great Mother’s Day gift!

  4. Schmuck Man

    There’s probably a porn version where he never does.

    • boliver

      Even if there isn’t an official porn version, Rule 34 will make it so.

  5. Gary

    beautiful penis

  6. Gary B.

    Gives ‘HULK SMASH’ a whole new meaning!

    • boliver

      If aroused, he could use it as a battering ram.

  7. JerryBenedict

    Dude…He could smash a car with that thing!!

    • boliver

      Or save a cat from a tree?!

  8. JerryBenedict

    I’m also a bit of a whedonite… yesterday I was watching a short film by BriTANick where Joss plays a “bathroom coach”!

    • boliver

      Lol, really? I need to look that up.

  9. Mark Stokes

    I’m green with envy.

    • boliver

      He he, that size comes at a price though. No normal sized woman will ever be with him.

  10. Tony McGurk

    Great Hulk drawing. Glad you blurred the cucumber, it would not be a pretty sight

    • boliver

      He he, if you click on one of those links, you will see what a sight it is ;)

  11. Warren Frantz

    You rocked that pecker, B! The way he’s pointing that thing, the Avengers didn’t need Hawkeye!

    • boliver

      Lol, Warren, this may be my favourite comment.

  12. Andrei Esca

    That is why his pants/shorts is the strongest item/material in the marvel universe.

    • boliver

      Were they bombarded by gamma rays too?

  13. Emma

    While I giggled… Yes giggled at the sight of Hulk’s enourmous wang: I felt three things. 1) was pride. I have never been so proud to know you! Now since my pride swelled with you providing a penis, we won’t touch on what this says about me.

    2) was a bit of disappoinment. Simply because some little part of me hoped that while that enourmous sensor led you to believe in a giant wang, behind it was itty bitty white guy penis.

    However, my third thought was bravo sir! My disappointment was redeemed by ball sack hair… Well done sir! I tip my cap to thee

    • boliver

      He he, thanks, Emma.

  14. Tnoy

    I’m surprised you made this before you knew the Hulk loses his pants in the movie.

  15. Jenn

    There’s something to be said for a man who is comfortable with his naked body

    • boliver

      For some reason I don’t think Hulk notices his “shame”.

  16. George

    I’ve never said this to anybody else before, but….”Nice junk! Very nice!” :D

    • boliver

      That means a lot coming from you, George ;)

  17. Mike Karell

    Couldn’t stop myself from clicking the NSFW version. Cannot unclick. Cannot unsee. Augh.

  18. Tyler

    It’s times like these that I choose to let an inaccuracy or two slide. Hulk want pants too.

  19. Julian

    This seems like a good intimidation tactic. I know I would run a little faster.

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