Oh Snap!

BUY A PRINT For those among you who owned an N64, and played the fantastic and underrated Pokemon Snap, this joke is for you. For everyone else in the universe, this joke is not for you, but I hope you will still enjoy B's stunning depiction of Professor Oak sexually disappointing a large-breasted blonde woman, as much as I do. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

19 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

  1. Aren’t they supposed to have a smoke now???

    1. Come on now Tony, it’s a kids show :P.


  2. At his age, I wonder if his oak needs help.

    1. Professor Oak uses Wood Hammer!


  3. I demand a Hey You Pikachu follow up comic!

    1. You would :).


  4. Close but no cigar in his pants!

    1. Hmmm… I wonder which Pokemon item would help with that… maybe Awakening :).


  5. Pillow balk.

    1. lol, alternate title ;)!


  6. I suppose his PokeBalls didn’t have the right elements for the score! (Does that sound like I know what I’m talking about?)

    1. lol, points for effort, Warren :).


  7. Wow!

    1. That’s what she… didn’t say.


  8. Amazing art! Although, I do feel a little sorry for her. A little. 😀

    1. He he he. Thanks, George!

  9. Taking the poke out of Pokemon!

  10. As snoop dog’s song would go…”pokemon seduction”

  11. Going back and playing Pokemon again, it turns out that the whole thing is riddled with innuendos. Looker is the best.

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