If Only

I and many others have lamented about Undergrads and Clone High for some time. If you don’t know these shows, you owe it to yourself to watch them. This comic is for appreciators of those shows, haters of Jersey Shore, and to a lesser extent, tits.

It’s always sad when a show ends, but when they end after one season with a cliffhanger…damn that hurts. I’ve hoped and dreamed for a long time they’d come back, somehow. But I dream of some pretty crazy stuff. Maybe all my dreams shouldn’t come true?

What I don’t get is why they haven’t come back in other media. I get it, there might be licensing issues and such. But I hope, one day, if they don’t come back as full shows they come back as webisodes or webcomics even. Hell, if money’s the issue, start a Kickstarter for it RIGHT NOW. See where that gets it.

You might be asking to yourself, what exactly does a tit fairy do? Well, it puts tits…where ever you want them.


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  1. Saeed

    I want a tit fairy. I hear they clean bathrooms super well.

  2. ShadowBlade

    Can she bring Firefly back too?

    • boliver

      All the things we like and none of the things we don’t.

  3. Adam

    Titfairy, but that’s what your mother’s for…

    • boliver

      You leave my mother out of this and I’ll leave my wang out of your mother.

  4. Schmuck Man

    What do we have to do to make at least panel 1 a reality? Seriously anything, I’m willing to consider a few crimes against humanity in order to save it from that in this case.

    • boliver

      It sounds like Gary might have the power to end this. He’s close enough that is ;)

  5. MyopicProphet

    Bwah ha ha ha! Love this one!

    • boliver

      Thank you, kind sir :)

  6. Gary

    The Situation ives on my street. I know people think that’s some kind of New Jersey joke, or hyperbole but seriously, he lives at the end of my street. I know his brother. Him not so much. Seems nice enough.

    • boliver


  7. Justin

    If I’ve learned anything from the tooth fairy, it’s that you should fear the tit fairy. Thanks to the tit fairy, women fall asleep with perky breasts, and wake up with a flat chest and a bra full of spare change.

    • James

      Justin just put scary imagery in my head.

      • boliver

        My god…what have we done.

  8. Bearman

    I have never heard of either of those shows…have to look them up.

    • boliver

      Highly recommended.

  9. JerryBenedict

    Will there be a voucher to claim this fairy? I just wonder how they would be distributed.

    • boliver

      No one can be told how they’ll get their tit-fairy…they have to see it for themselves.

  10. George

    MTV, I am back, baby!!!!

    • boliver

      If only they’d listen ;)

  11. Gooberandcindy.com

    Ooh. I like the fairy! :)

    • boliver

      He he, thanks Daniel. It should be up as a shirt come Monday ;)

  12. Mark Stokes

    Dreaming is free, plus it doesn’t include any stupid commercial breaks!

  13. Mike Karell

    You forgot Firefly is in its 10th season and spawned a movie trilogy.

    • boliver

      Agreed, and Joss Whedon took over and saved Star Wars from George Lucas :)

  14. Sareen

    *sigh* The thing is, a lot of networks do this as well. I mean, I still can’t believe Arrested Development was cancelled.

  15. Tyler

    Wait… When did I die and why is heaven TV?

  16. Jenn


    • boliver

      The comics aren’t too bad if you want more story.

  17. Julian

    The news in panel one and three make this the best cartoon ever!

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