TFI: Tip #17

Oh, have you seen the man,
The man who won’t fall down.
Before you see him hit the ground,
He’ll dry up your whole town.

Be wary of this man,
With a tempting wager in tow.
No matter how big his head start,
You can bet you’re going to owe.

He’ll take you in with another round,
You’re thinking, “that money is mine”.
And just before you pass out,
He’ll be betting the next guy in line.

If you’re feeling raw about your loss,
You’re looking to fight over this grift.
You’re too late, he’s in the next town over,
Sharing his goddamn gift.

– Old Irish drinking song


I hope you enjoy the second issue of Tips for Immortals!

For anyone expecting a TWT today, sorry, but we didn’t want to interrupt our seven issue run of TFIs on Wednesdays. And I would post it on Friday, but we’ve got a time-sensitive comic we’d like to get out this week. So, probably next Friday. But fear not, I shall not miss a month :).


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    And not drink yourself.

    • coliver

      Why not? An immortal man isn’t going to get alcohol poisoning ;).

  2. Saeed

    I suppose being immortal means having a lifetime to build up the ultimate tolerance.

    • coliver

      Or perhaps he always had it.

  3. Schmuck Man

    Imagine if he never got drunk. No thanks to immortality if that is the case.

    • coliver

      His facial expression should suggest that he can get at least a little drunk (after the 40th or 50th shot at least).

  4. Michael Corley

    That’s an excellent idea. Except for the fact that I’m drunk in two beers.

    • coliver

      It’s not for everyone :).

  5. Michael Karell

    Russian Roulette.

    • coliver

      True! Not a whole lot of money in that though :).

  6. cpdohert

    “Sir, I apologize for calling your wife a bloated warthog.”

    • coliver

      Totally had to google that :).

  7. Matthew Whitt

    Well he could still pass out on the table and fall into a deep sleep, or even a coma from all the brain damage. He might not die from it… but still. ;)

    • coliver

      True, but we like to think it would take a good long while.

      • Matthew Whitt

        true, I imagine his tolerance levels would be through the roof… but what would an immortal lifetime of borderline alcoholism do to the brain? lol

  8. Mark Stokes

    Really diggin’ this new series, Immortal creators! Special compliment on that dusky room effect!

    • coliver

      Thanks Mark! Brandon has been pouring some special lovin’ into these :).


    TFI should be added to the About page. :)

    • boliver

      We thought about that, and it might soon. Though it could also be on it’s own site ;)

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