Podcast Episode 75 – Cereals for Lunch

Joao of Cereals for Lunch joins us on this week’s twxxd podcast. For some reason we talked about Luck Charms…I wonder why that is?

Special thanks to Joao for the awesome podcast cover you see above!


Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.


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  1. Sareen

    Dammit, now all I want is that Twix. Thanks guys..really.

    • coliver

      You’re welcome :)!

  2. Bearman

    What do you mean before…. I still pronounce it that way.

    • coliver

      Whatever works for you :).

  3. Saeed

    I never understood the appeal of Lucky Charms. The marshmallows tasted like chalk. Maybe I had to let it soak in milk for a few minutes. Either way, it’s about 8 pounds a box over here in London. You’ll have to sneak some in your arse next time you fly into town.

    • coliver

      Not really my favourite either to be honest, but whatever floats your boat. Or whatever… um… fits up your bum.

      • João Valagão

        It’s really more of a nostalgia thing. Like, we can’t have it anymore. Forbidden fruit, you know? :D

  4. Michael Corley

    Great podcast! I liked after the halfway where you began speaking about “doing your passion”.

    • coliver

      Thanks! Definitely some good topics in this one, agreed.

  5. Mark Stokes

    I have to hand it to you guys, this was a superb interview. It’s really wonderful to discover the man behind Cereals For Lunch is just as interesting and entertaining as his strip! Kudos all around, this was an excellent and entertaining listen!

    • coliver

      Thanks very much, Mark! We enjoyed recording it as much as you enjoyed listening :).

  6. Gooberandcindy.com

    I realy enjoyed this podcast. I could relate to a lot of stuff.

    • coliver

      Glad you enjoyed it :).

  7. João Valagão

    Look at me, checking out comments from almost a year ago haha!

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