Podcast Episode 78 – The Free Ranger Comic

Lee of The Free Ranger Comic joins us on this week’s twxxd podcast.

Special thanks to Michael Rhodes, the new artist for The Free Ranger, for the Kirby-esque podcast cover you see above!

~ B

Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.


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  1. Gooberandcindy.com
  2. Lee B

    Sorry I explained it wrong, so here you go :)



  3. ShadowBlade

    Good answer to my question!
    I need a title when you mention me. Illustrator Supreme, beloved cousin and occasional twxxd contributor Mike Hearn should do the trick.

  4. Mark Stokes

    This was such a great interview, I finished two strips while listening! Lee is such an interesting guy, it’s fun to hear all the behind the scenes WIP stuff. And thanks, Lee for the shout-out!

  5. Jack

    Thanks for the mention Lee! That was a really good one, and a really cool look into what The Free Ranger is all about. Brandon, Colin, I can’t wait to come on and talk with you guys. Oh and also, that cover is fantastic.

  6. Tony McGurk

    WoW Superchicken

  7. James

    Gorgeous Kirby dots

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