TWT36 – COD Block

To anyone out there who plays Call of Duty… I am a little sorry :). This is actually one I’ve had in the backlog for a while now, just waiting for another Call of Duty game to come out. I have to admit, I have considerably LESS of a hate-on for the series now than I did when I put this together. It’s still not my cup of tea. But I am now entirely willing to acknowledge that you can play it without being a douchebag ;).


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  1. Julian

    Great costume design :)

    • coliver

      Happened that I had all the bro-components I needed around the house :)

  2. boliver

    I’ve played it more than you and can confirm I am a bag of douche. Somehow I don’t think the two are related though…

    • coliver

      How can we be SURE?


    i used to play COD on the PC. :) back in the day.

    • coliver

      I did too actually. Don’t tell anyone :).

  4. cpdohert

    I admit that Black Ops II has caught my attention. It should be affordable about the time I’m done with Borderlands 2.

    • coliver

      I’m also making room for the possibility that it might not be horrible :).

  5. Jack

    Pop that collar! POP IT HIGHER!

    • coliver

      And when it’s as high as it can go, add MORE collars!

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