It’s nice to see Keith acknowledging that, no matter what choices they make, he’s going to be there for that kid. Whether it be hockey, baseball or… even football. Even football.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    I’m normally against indoctrination but exposing them to video games at a very young age (and start with the classics) may help them gain interest in the same things you enjoy.

    Although if he likes hockey, that should be acceptable, right? Not saying that because you are Canadian, hockey is awesome (the fights are anyway)

    • boliver

      Lol, I really will go along with whatever the kid ends up interested in. But of course that’s not to say I won’t try to gently nudge things in a certain direction ;)

  2. JerryBenedict

    As long as the tyke doesn’t get into golf…. the game of riff raff and crude ruffians! Oops! My monocle fell out… sorry!

    • boliver

      I had no idea you were anti-golfist, Jerry ;)

  3. Mike Karell

    As long as he never starts popping his collar and calling me bro.

    • boliver

      Woh, bro, what do you mean? :p

  4. Mark STokes

    Spoken like a true father!

    • boliver

      Thanks Mark! Though the real test begins when the kid gets here ;)

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