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We’re a little late to comment on this game, but what you’ll hear consistently in reviews is “I wanted to like this game a lot more than I did”. It’s got everything going for it. Brand new IP, good developer, genre bending, dripping with style… unfortunately this is quickly followed by “over substance”. The combat has a steep learning curve, the enemies are repetitive, and the chaos of controlling 100 heroes at once can make it difficult to understand what’s happening in crucial moments. Is it still worth playing? Absolutely. It has some of the most epic boss fights I’ve ever played, and that alone, is worth it. But be warned, that your mood while playing will swing violently.

In other news, we’re happy to announce… A CONTEST. We’re going to be introducing a new female character. We’re not going to tell you what this character is all about just yet, but we can say that it will be another anthropomorph (animal/human combo). And we want YOU to suggest the animal! So why would you do this, besides the fun of it? Because we’re going to pick the one we like best, and if we pick your suggestion, you’ll win a signed copy of our unreleased book, “The Twxxd Files”! We’re not even SELLING this thing yet, but we will send you a copy, and B will even draw anything you want on the inside cover. Contest rules:

– No more than 2 suggestions per person (we’ll take the first two only)
– A winner will be announced in two weeks (with the Dec 11th post!)
– Make suggestions in the comments for this post, OR, send an email to, OR, tweet it

I look forward to seeing your suggestions :).


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  1. Lynn

    My suggestion is panda of any type or llama :D

  2. Schmuck Man

    Managing that many heroes sounds like a huge management nightmare.

  3. Gary

    A pink fairy armadillo or an Aye-Aye

  4. Daniel Barton

    Never here of this game. Here is an image.

  5. James

    My suggestions are as follows
    1. A Wolverine
    2. The noble wart hog
    3. Rowdy Roddy Piper
    4. Any Gobot not counting Cy-Kill
    5. Cthullu

  6. cpdohert

    I suggest the naked mole rat. Or the anglerfish.

  7. Alex

    Here’s my entry

    Jenna/ Sun bear
    Monica/ Raccoon

  8. Jkun

    Actually wasn’t kiddin’ when I said snake. Of course she should have arms and shit, but here’s my reasons:

    1) Easy to draw, she’s a snake
    2) You can affix a whole bunch of personalities onto her. She could be a quiet staker, or crafty mastermind with tons of tricks up her, uh, sleeves. yeah.
    3) Snake puns. “The controller slipped right out of my hands” or “This boss really rattles my rattle.”
    4) Dude, mothafuckin’ snakes.

    My second choice would probably be a rabbit cuz if Loony Tunes can make them sexy, I am sure you can too.

  9. David

    Deer or lorikeet

  10. Mindy

    honey badger, because did you see The Gods Must Be Crazy?
    Or a koala, because everyone loves a koala – they are adorable plus you can make jokes about syphilis then (and why wouldn’t you want to?)

  11. Tim Green

    I would suggest a fox or a cat of some type.

  12. chazz

    I see that my first three choices, pandas, koalas, and cats, have already been taken. So being a child of the Great White North, I’m going to suggest bears, either polar or grizzly. Perhaps your hero can take the armed teddy bear under her wing, train him up a bit…

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