Alright, so this is a little more editorial than we usually like to get, but we feel like Nintendo really stole the show this year. Really, it’s silly to even compare them to Microsoft or Sony… pardon the pun, but they’re not playing the same game anymore, and they haven’t been for some time. And I mean that in both a positive and negative way. But where Xbox and Sony had very few first party announcements and an array of multi-platform titles from 3rd parties, Nintendo doubled down on delivering the franchises that its hardcore fans really want.


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  1. Schmuck Man

    E3 for me summed up in one sentence: Pac-Man is in the next Smash Bros game.

  2. Bill Murphy

    Who ever thought back in 1981 (?) that Mario from Donkey Kong would be featured in so many future games and be a Nintendo Icon?

  3. Alex

    The live streaming of demos was like it’s almost like Nintendo has confidence in their games being able to speak for themselves without flashy trailers and scripted demos

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