Baby Kahlan

I had some time to get some drawing done and thought I’d share the fruits of my labours in the absence of a podcast this week. With my new baby in real life, I wanted to give the twxxd household their own baby. This is Kahlan. She is adorable.

Because she’s a girl, I’ve made her a cat like Alice. I want her to be both cat like and baby like at all times, as shown with the “ready to pounce” state I’ve got her in with the butterfly. I have a feeling she’ll have a thing for butterflies.

I’ve also given her a guardian of sorts that I’m hoping to explore in more detail. I haven’t decided whether I want this to be another living stuffed animal or if it’s just a stuffed animal that she believes is real. The big arms are meant for holding, cuddling, and dragging through the house. A lot of fun could be had if the guardian wasn’t always a willing participant in their adventures, I’m thinking.

Anyways, that’s it for now. Keep on loving the guest strips and I’ll be back at it before you know it.

~ B

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More Than Meets the Beast?

Haven’t done a TF post in a while so I figure it was about time.

This is Beast Hunters Optimus Prime in all his glory. Some have complained that he’s a little too “toy like” and “kiddish” with all his bright colours. I’ve gone ahead and ignored that because he’s a Mad Max truck with a flippin’ sword and dual cannons that say “I will end you”, though preferably without removing any faces.

In robot mode Optimus has many of my favourite things. Big ass sword – check, dual cannons – check, wings – check. The main reason I wanted this one is because it echoes one of my all time favourites, Cyberton Optimus Prime. The only thing that’s missing for me is there’s no option to put up a faceplate over the mouth. That would have been badass.

Vehicle mode is, well, a truck (duh) with nice spiked front bumpers and places for all the weapons (there’s nothing I can’t stand more than no places for weapons). Everything actually fits together quite nicely. This mode also really reminds me of Cyberton Optimus. I’m pretty sure they would have been buds.

I have to admit, I am a little disappointed in the paint app.s on this one. It would have been a better toy with just a little more detail and highlights but that gets back to the whole kiddishness. The problem is it actually makes what is otherwise a very cool toy kind of bland looking. I’ve noticed this with some of the other Beast Hunters toys as well so maybe this is just Hasbro either A) getting lazy or B) trying something new. Either way, I hope it’s not a fad that lasts with future toy lines.

If you can ignore the colours, this one’s worth it to me, though I can understand where some are completely put off by the Beast Hunters line. I doubt I’ll be buying too much more from this series outside of the Terrorcons and Predaking, but we’ll just have to see about that.

~ B

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Shout-out to our Homies

While we were on the Webcomic Show recently (linky link link) we were shot in the face with a warm gooey load of praise from a whole bunch of our favourite creative peoples. We wanted to take a minute to thank them for making us feel so splendiferous and fueling our egos to dangerous levels:

Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy ( – We did get your comments, Mark, and thank you. You have got to be the nicest most supportive dude in web comics, and we really appreciate it.

Jon Esparza of Jon’s Crazy Stuff ( – Thanks a bunch for the kind words, man… poutine is in the mail

Gary Cohen of Mallville Rules ( – We really are the best you can expect from a couple dirty Canadians

James Alvarez of The Obscure Gentlemen ( – We have been honoured to share the Internet with you, Gentleman. We will miss the way you make us
laugh while simultaneously disturbing us at our cores.

Chani Kynes of Midnight Radio ( – We accept our new positions with pride. Heil poutine.

Sareen Akharjalian of Ink on the Side ( – Thanks Sareen :). We hope you didn’t lose power at all while recording your awesome message.

Warren Frantz of Off Season Comic ( – Sorry to hear about the NHL… but that’s okay, you have video games now, right?

Jọo Valag̣o of Cereals for Lunch ( РHoly shit dude, the art you made for that is FASTASTIC. Bravo sir.

Adam Jack of The Merciful ( – We Grimsbonians need to stick together.

Justin Babb of JBabb Comics ( – Thank you Justin :). It’s comments like that that fuel us onwards… and gives us big giant heads.

James Grant of Crazy Sunshine ( – You can bet YOUR masculine bosom, we’ll be putting out the best dick and fart jokes this side of the pacific. Say hi to Japan for me, I miss her.

Brad Joyce and Walter Shuler of The Southern Friend Inkslingers Podcast ( – Your cracking up really cracked us up :). Thank you for the kind words, and looking forward to December, guys.

Jordan Cardwell of Imagine Industries ( – We miss you, dude. Do something real soon :).

Lee Barham of the Free Ranger Comic ( – You’re very welcome. Great presentation man, especially considering it WASN’T sponsored ;).

Saeed Faridzadeh of The Frumps ( – Awww, you shouldn’t have… a mostly drank bottle of pepsi… how did you know!

Javis Ray of Legacy Control ( – Damnit, get over here so we can hug you. Bros for life, man. Bros for life. on The Webcomic Show

We recently had the pleasure of being on The Webcomic Show, the video podcast by Daniel Barton (of and

If you ever wanted to learn more about us, this is a great opportunity for an in-depth Q&A (with fantastic production values, might I add :)). It’s also a chance to see us go bright red and speechless at a wonderful surprise Daniel put together for us, so thank you to him, and to everyone who made us feel so awesome about being a part of this rockin’ comics community.

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