I cannot emphasize enough just how excited B was about drawing that hulk wang. It’s scary how much he wanted to draw that member. Ever since we said we’d wait for the Avenger’s movie to do this comic he was eagerly waiting. When he was done, he was just so damn proud of it, like a kid wanting to put his work up on the fridge.

He is so giddy and happy with it in fact, that an uncensored (NSFW) version of this is available here.

I’m rather looking forward to the Avenger’s movie. I’ve enjoyed all of the movies leading up to it… I’m also a bit of a “Whedonite”, so that’s a factor. I’m a little upset that Ed Norton isn’t The Hulk anymore, but I’ll get over it. Fingers crossed they didn’t screw it up somehow!


Yeah, that’s right. Check out that big ol’ hulk junk I drew. I drew that. ME. Happy Avengers day everybody. (<- NSFW again) ~B Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh 😉