B’s enjoyment of Christian alternative music is not new. And he comes by it honestly. AND, some of it, is actually quite good. If you’re into punk, MxPx is pretty alright. Dogwood is decent hard rock. B could quote dozens more. But I would understand, if you were not familiar with it, the images and sounds that might come to mind…

As much as the music itself is decent, if you’re decidedly not Christian, like me, you have to get past some of the inherent preachiness, so approach with caution. Any way you slice it though, Christianity-based puns are great, aren’t they?


Here’s a few bands if you’re interested:
Plankeye, Underoath, Overcome, Living Sacrifice, MxPx, Slick Shoes, Project 86, Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy.
All of them are worth checking out, ranging from regular alternative rock, metal, punk and ska. Yes, some of them do get “preachy”, but the music is, in my opinion, excellent.


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