For those detail-oriented readers out there who pay attention to these things, you’ll notice that this is the first TWT that technically features zero toys. But I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the 3DS Augmented Reality feature to bring Pit into the picture, so cut me some slack.

Just so we’re clear, it’s not that the whole stereotype thing actually bothers me at all. If anything, I’m just bothered that the people who are usually bothered by these kinds of things aren’t bothered. I guess they’re a selective bunch when it comes to choosing what to be over-sensitive about. Maybe vilifying gay folks doesn’t make the cut. Or maybe a game like Kid Icarus Uprising just doesn’t get enough main stream media attention for anyone to sensationalize it. Or maybe I just over-think things. Probably that last one.

Either way, I highly recommend the game. But the rumors you may have heard about it leaving you physically maimed are all true. I recommend frequent breaks.


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