You know you’re secure in your role as a leader in game development and production when E3 passes and you can get away with saying NOTHING. Seriously, Valve doesn’t even care. And they don’t need to! They’ll give us what they want when they’re good and ready.

Sorry Dave.


What? In Miami they eat faces, in Canada we send out body parts.

So next week, we’re starting our first extended round of guest strips for 3 weeks while C is off globetrotting. I won’t spoil the surprise of who we’ve got, but we’re really excited for you to see these and we can’t thank our guests enough for taking the time to create such awesomeness.

Also, shortly after C gets back, we’ll have a surprise experimental project to share with all of you. I won’t say much more about it other than we’re really looking for to showing it off and it’s different from anything else we’ve worked on so far.


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