Oh, have you seen the man,
The man who won’t fall down.
Before you see him hit the ground,
He’ll dry up your whole town.

Be wary of this man,
With a tempting wager in tow.
No matter how big his head start,
You can bet you’re going to owe.

He’ll take you in with another round,
You’re thinking, “that money is mine”.
And just before you pass out,
He’ll be betting the next guy in line.

If you’re feeling raw about your loss,
You’re looking to fight over this grift.
You’re too late, he’s in the next town over,
Sharing his goddamn gift.

– Old Irish drinking song


I hope you enjoy the second issue of Tips for Immortals!

For anyone expecting a TWT today, sorry, but we didn’t want to interrupt our seven issue run of TFIs on Wednesdays. And I would post it on Friday, but we’ve got a time-sensitive comic we’d like to get out this week. So, probably next Friday. But fear not, I shall not miss a month :).


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