Borderlands 2 is a great game. It’s also a fairly LONG game. I got it a little later than most, but I had a few decent sprints that allowed me to catch up with my gaming cohorts… which means within a fairly short time frame, I played a LOT of it.

And then, pretty much as I had finished my first play through, out comes the DLC. Let’s ignore for a second how much of a money grab it is to have DLC come out this soon after release… I can really only take so much shoot’n’loot. I need some DOA 5. Maybe some Max Payne 3, which has been sitting collecting virtual dust in my Steam account.

Borderlands 2, you’ve got this going for you… you scratch a co-op itch that few games can. So maybe I’ll still throw you a little action on the side ;).


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