So… I did finally replace that old flip phone. It was hard to give the old girl up. I considered using it until it broke down, but I just didn’t want to see it happen. Better to go out with it still functioning. Also, not that I cared what people thought, I figured, as a side effect, it was finally time for people to stop making fun of my phone. Then I got the iPhone 5…

The amount of vitriol some people have for Apple and its products is just straight up irrational. I know people (who I find otherwise to be quite reasonable) who sneer and cringe at the sight of my new phone, like vampires shying away from garlic. How can I convince them that it’s a fantastic device which has replaced four of my other devices and does everything I need it for amazingly well?… is there an app for that? Oh wait, that’s right. I don’t care.


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