That’s right… we made the Heart Failure

The other day we got an email from the wonderful Daniel Barton asking if we might make a cooking video, which he could then put in The Webcomic Show.

We thought about it, and agreed that the most appropriate thing we could do is make the Heart Failure. Some of you will recall that during our experimental non-comedy strip last year, Tips for Immortals, one of the strips was about food, and in the post we had a ridiculous (and frankly disgusting) made-up recipe. Many jokes followed about someone actually making the damn thing, and so how could we pass up this opportunity:

It’s our first crack at shooting a video of any kind, and we hope you enjoy it. We had a blast making this, so I don’t think it’s the last you’ll see ;).


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5 thoughts on “That’s right… we made the Heart Failure

  1. Um. Please do not serve raw eggs to babies. Okay?

    1. Lol, thanks for the tip, Gary :p

  2. I;m not sure why the pasta is being deliberately overcooked. It’s getting blended so wouldn’t a little texture be good? Also not sure why we’re adding two eggs which woud make sense if they were being used as a binder but clearly unnecessary in this recipe. I suspect it’s for the “heart stopping” reputation, in which case might I suggest hard boiling them and then chopping them to serve on top? Additionally you could crumble bacon on top. And actually some chopped scallion on top would probably brighten it up a bit. No acid in this recipe either which is a mistake IMO.

  3. Needs bacon.

    You two have too much fun. I am jealous.

  4. Sounds like a recipe for projectile diarrhea! Funny video, guys! 🙂

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