Big day! First of all, we’re starting a four part Christmas story arc featuring our favourite film noir duo, Tough & Wiener. This will lead us right into the holidays, so I hope you like solving crimes and busting rhymes!

Second of all, we’re announcing our contest winner today! For those of you who aren’t in the know, two weeks ago, we asked you fine comic-reading folks for suggestions as to what kind of animal anthropomorph our new female character should be. The one whose suggestion we pick, gets a signed copy of our not-yet-for-sale book!

We got a heap of awesome (and some downright weird) suggestions, so first, thanks to everyone who participated! It was no easy task, but we’ve picked a winner. Drum roll please…

She will be a Fox, as suggested by Tim! Congratulations Tim. We’ll be in touch about getting you your book :).

Honourable mentions go to Snake (as suggested by Jkun), and Lorikeet (as suggested by Dave). You guys may not win a book this time, but on the bright side, B will be drawing both of these suggestions, and we’ll be posting them around the time the new character is introduced.

Thanks again to everyone who gave suggestions! This was good times, so we may just have to do something like it again.

And THIRD (if you bothered reading this far) it’s my birthday today :). I survived another full rotation around the sun, you guys! Yay!


Guys, I seriously loved this contest. LOVED IT HARD. There are so many animals you guys submitted that I want to draw now. Fortunately, we’ve done the reasonable thing and picked a few (so I don’t end up spending all my time drawing lady animals…would that be so bad though?). That’s not to say this won’t happen again. As C alluded to, we will run another one of these in the future. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

P.S. Chris, I’m taking the Anglerfish on personally as a CHALLENGE.


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