I Don’t Feel So Good


I was at a travel clinic recently, and I was shocked by the number of posters on the wall advertising for vaccines, telling me all the horrible diseases I was going to get just for stepping outside of my door (or my continent, as it were). I’m glad I’m not a hypochondriac, but I can see becoming one if I spent too long with these materials.

I wonder what it’s like to be the person who creates these posters. “I really want to draw the eye to the pain and suffering associated with this illness”. I don’t think I could work for a pharmaceutical company…

On a nicer note, does anyone notice a couple of familiar faces in the posters :)?


When I was drawing this comic I thought to myself “heh, wouldn’t it be cool if I got Bearman in there for that charity challenge of his?” I think I’m just barely getting it in based on his recent updates, but still, happy to feature that crazy, green haired dude in this strip regardless.

But with a doctor theme, I had to throw Dr. Proctor of Addanac City in there too. I had a feeling his character would put his face on drug posters for all the right reasons, if you catch my drift ;)


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  1. Bearman

    I have been waiting years for someone to give me an honorary degree. Finally I can tell my mother that I am a doctor.

    Thanks B for the charity shout out!

    • Deb

      You and your mom can be so proud, Bearman! ;-)

    • George

      Your mother and I are very proud of you. :)

    • coliver

      I guess we can contact you for medical advice now, right?


  2. George

    Hahaha! I love seeing Dr. Procotr and Dr. Bearman together. I’ve always suspected that Doc would pimp himself out for whatever her could. Thank you so much for including him! :D

    • Bearman

      Doc takes after his creator.

    • coliver

      Our pleasure! These seem like his kind of scare tactics :).


  3. Mike Karell

    Doctor’s visit may cause nausea,constipation, bloating, anxiety, and death.

    • coliver

      Please consult with your doctor before going to the… waaaaaitaminute.


  4. Gooberandcindy.com

    Dr’s in tha hood. Nice feature. :)

  5. Warren Frantz

    Well done guys! Love sneaking in Proctor and Bearman! Now excuse me as I get a vaccine before I head to the grocery store…

    • coliver

      Better get two ;).

  6. The Code Crimson

    Proctor is such a mean Doctor! He’s get me all curled up in fear too, I bet.

    • coliver

      Grab your cheque book! He’ll be your best friend, I’m sure :).

  7. Mark Stokes

    Those posters would make a hype-ochondriac out of anybody! Love the Bearman and Dr. Provoc appearances, they fit right in there very nicely!

    • coliver

      Thanks Mark! Don’t believe the hype ;).

  8. James

    Love the cameos from Bearman and Addanac.

    • coliver

      It feels right :).

  9. Jenn

    Definitely recognize those faces =D I used to be a huge germaphobe but now I don’t give a sh*t, the result? I find I’m getting sick less often! *knocks on wood*

    • coliver

      I think there’s a happy middle :).

  10. JerryBenedict

    I’m not sure I could trust a poster that quotes Doc Proc!

    • coliver

      I feel like as long as it financially benefits him, you can trust him.

  11. Justin

    Ha! Having just visited the doctor recently, I fully agree. No one needs to see that many poster and pamphlets about diseases.

    • coliver

      “Have you considered that you might have EVERYTHING?!?”

  12. Lee B

    I think the internet has created a whole army of hypochondriacs. But this is hilariously true!

    • coliver

      Yeeeeeah, heaven help you if you decide to google a symptom you’re having lol.

  13. Tony McGurk

    Love all the signs. Good to see Dr Bearman & Dr Proctor working together for the medical betterment of mankind

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