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Today's strip is definitely a "web cartoonist's" joke, but we hope the rest of you appreciate the part about walrus sex. We've talked about this a bit on the podcast… when the comic first started up, as I'm sure it is with most new comics, we were really just getting friends and family to visit the site. This is especially the case if you're new to this whole scene, and don't know the tricks of the trade. Obviously, we are super grateful for their support, especially when they tell their friends, because when you're starting out, that's how you get fans. But... as much as I do want as many people as possible to get on the twxxd train (let your minds wander on that one), some people we know can be kinda awkward about it sometimes. They mean well. You get "Ohhhh, yeeeeeah, I haven't been on in a while. Totally been meaning to do that." and "Right right right, yeah, I love your stuff... how do you spell it, again?". To those people, I say... at ease :). Just because you know me somehow, does not mean you need to be a fan. If you like the comic, that's super fantastic and we love you long time... but maybe you don't read comics. Or maybe you only read the big dogs, like PA and PvP. That's pretty common. Or maybe, you just don't find us funny. Which is also totally fine. *twitch*. My point is... I don't want anyone to feel obligated to read this comic. I want people to WANT to read it. We've been around a little while now. We've seen a modicum of success, and we have some rockin' super fans. We're happy with where we are, and where we're headed. Charity is no longer required. But seriously though... don't stop reading our comic. We'll find out. And B will draw you fucking a walrus. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

18 thoughts on “Just Checking

  1. I love when this happens to me. (The one time)

    1. Wait… are you referring to friends reading your comic, or the walrus part?

  2. Sadly (or happily) I rarely get anyone in my real friends or family to visit my site.

    1. Definitely pros and cons. Sometimes we have to stop and say, “wait, our mother is going to see this…” Most of the time though, we post the giant penis anyway :).

  3. What about all the times I fuck a walrus and no one bothers to draw it?

    1. Time for a self portrait, by the sounds of it ;).

  4. I’ve always wondered what would happen if I threw friends into a comic strip. I love the idea, but I’d hate to face the consequences.

    ..then again, any outburst from your friends could also be chronicled as an embarrassing comic. Ok, I think I really like this idea.

    1. Do iiiiiit :).

  5. He should send that walrus some flowers.

    1. Or at least buy it dinner first!

  6. If you ever ask me to do a guest comic, I have an idea for it now! 🙂

    1. Dang it :).

  7. He’ll draw me shagging a walrus? I’d better remove TWXXD from my RSS feed right away.

    1. Somehow, I knew that would be incentive to you.

  8. Love this one! It’s true too, whenever a friend mentions something from my comic I do get a little fuzzy inside. I just never considered all the ways one could shall we say, inspire this reaction.

    1. Oh, the possibilities ;).

  9. I’m think I’m going to threaten to do this to all of my friends (and Ryan’s…and yours) unless they reshare, retweet, and say interesting things in the comment section.

    1. Likewise. We’re going to have to draw a lot of walrus sex, aren’t we?

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