Mortal Kuddles

I don't know how they'll top the violence from the last game they came out with. Maybe the only direction to take it in now, is to go entirely the opposite way. I watched the trailer for this new Mortal Kombat, and I get that this is a series that has never gone for realism, but seriously… you just showed me an x-ray of this guys knee getting blown apart by a kick. How is he still fighting after that, let alone walking. Does everyone have magic knees?! ~C This is taking us right back to "Friendship" territory from MK2 :) Seriously though. Mortal Kombat X just looks like the same thing as the last one, just with a moodier, hooded Scorpion and Sub-Zero still battling it out. Do we even know why they're mad at each other any more? Did one of them take the others taquito? Maybe they should start seeing just how nice we can be to each other to really change things up. I AM GONNA HUG THE SHIT OUT OF THAT GUY. ~B Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

4 thoughts on “Mortal Kuddles

  1. Maybe instead of the chains, Scorpion could fire rainbows at the target which heals and cheers them up?

    1. And Sub-Zero shoots Slurpy from his hands!

  2. Let’s hope they find ways of making it more violent! 😀

    1. I’m not sure they’ve got much left to do on that front :S

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