Not the Last of Them

The first time Ellie jumped on one of the hunters and stabbed him to death, it was a little unnerving. But much like the characters themselves, I soon became somewhat desensitized to the "reality" of their situation. The Last of Us is a masterpiece of story telling. And I've been telling my friends that constantly since it came out, only to realize the sad fact that most of them won't ever get to play it because they don't have PS3s. I'm not going to say something silly, like "it's worth buying the system for it"... but now I don't have to, because you're all thinking it. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

5 thoughts on “Not the Last of Them

  1. Nice job on capturing how Joel is completely okay by her occasional violent outburst. Wonderful game , the whole thing.

    This game has the building I work in when they go to Pittsburgh. They walk past it. It made my week.

    1. Thank you, sir. I look forward to my chance to play it.

  2. Bam! Welcome to Stabsterdam!

    1. He he he.

  3. The storytelling in that game is good enough that it’s worth watching a full-playthrough on youtube if you aren’t going to buy a ps3

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