Something for Everyone

I've been suspicious of Waluigi ever since I saw his celebration dance scoring a goal in Super Mario Strikers. He's an odd one. This is apropos of a recent Nintendo club created in the U.K. targeting young ladies. We're not trying to say there's anything wrong that, but we watched the marketing video for it, and it was so overtly pandering that we cringed. There's such a thing as trying TOO hard, Nintendo. You don't want to seem desperate. Just be patient, and you'll probably recover like you always do. In the words of the nation you targeted with this campaign... keep calm and carry on. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

2 thoughts on “Something for Everyone

  1. Pretty much all video game advertising is cringeworthy pandering; we just notice it more when it’s not pandering to us.

    1. Oh, I’ve always noticed it when it’s directed at “us”. If Nintendo suddenly started trying to reach 30-something males by having some “bro” with a “popped collar” and “brewskies” talk to us about how “ill” the latest Mario game is, it would be painful. That’s what this Girl’s club campaign is to me.

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