Nintendo Rules

So a lot of people are up in arms over the whole "Bayonetta 2 is exclusively on the Wii U" thing. I get it. Nintendo doesn't exactly have the rep with "teh hardcorz" these days so it's a little hard to stomach. I'm hoping the Wii U will start to change that but it will be an uphill battle for the big N. I for one was already planning on getting one so I'm perfectly happy to find out the game I loved playing on the Xbox 360 even has life on an other system after Sega apparently almost cancelled it. The impression I'm getting is that Nintendo may just have saved it from oblivion anyways. Better this than no system at all, right? Would I have rather played it on a system I already know and love? Probably. But that doesn't for sure mean Nintendo is going to fuck it up. And if it starts brining more "real" games to a Nintendo system again, I'm all for it. So long as they don't try to do anything like what's in the comic today that is. Also, more on this next week, but Borderlands 2 gives me a giant gunrection. That is all. ~B Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Rules

  1. Still like what I’m seeing.

    1. He he he, awesome.

  2. It’s obvious she’s THRILLED!

    1. Who wouldn’t be in that dress? Wait, what?

  3. I bet my life there’s going to be a Peach, or at least Zero-Suit Samus outfit in this game.

    1. I’m actually kind of hoping so…that would actually be awesome.

  4. That’s an obvious downgrade. 🙂

    1. Depends on who’s perspective it is…Mario would probably be very happy 😉

  5. Somebody really took the edge off of her!

    1. Just wait until they get to her guns!

  6. Is she a man now too? haha

    1. Lol, I suppose because of her size in that dress she does look a little “manish”.

  7. Nothing says sexy like Pepto Bismol pink! 🙂

    1. He he, at least to Mario.

  8. They made her royalty, what more does she want?

    And personally, I am surprised there are not more games which can only be played on one console. I am not in favor of that, I am just surprised.

    1. System exclusives have become fewer and further between but it still happens.

  9. At least she’s prepared if she has to become an emergency prom date!

    1. That’s one hell of a prom date 😉

  10. Haha after seeing Nintendo’s E3 announcement, it looks like you just predicted Bayonetta wearing a Princess Peach dress (as well as Link and Samus)

    1. Well shit. I will take it.

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