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I've sat down in front of my laptop a couple times, intent on purchasing the iPhone 5... but it's an extremely difficult thing to justify. To clarify... I'm not some Apple fanboy "upgrading" from the iPhone 4S... the flip phone in this comic is my ACTUAL current phone. Gosh, that thing is a trooper. And it's not even a Nokia! Currently I'm trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and just buy the damn thing, paying Rogers a redonk monthly fee, and being a few grand shorter by the end of my contract... OR... I switch it up, get an Android phone, and go with the only carrier available in this country who charges a reasonable amount for a decent plan, Wind mobile (who, unfortunately, isn't supported by the iPhone, or there would be no debate here). WHAT DO I DO, INTERNET PEOPLE? ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

14 thoughts on “TWT34 – MyPhone

  1. I would say, get an Android. I got one about 6 months ago and while it does have it’s flaw’s (They tend to drop on the data network a fair bit) it hasn’t broken yet.

    1. Thanks for the input :). See, I’m also a little worried about the Wind network, it’s supposed to be sketchy at best.

  2. I am very happy with my android. Ask me anything.

    1. Do you have a Nexus, or is it third-party hardware?

  3. You’ll get people on both sides of the camp here. I used to have an iphone, but recently switched to the Samsung Galaxy S3. And while there are some things I miss about the iphone I’m totally hooked on the Android environment. At the end of the day, they both generally do the same thing, but Android won me over due to it’s more open ecosystem, and easy access to folders, so I can move things around to where I want them, and share files with each other should I choose. But that’s opening a flame war.

    In regards to the comic, I really liked today’s TWT. Probably my most favourite one so far.

    1. Do you find you ever have software/hardware compatibility issues with it? That’s one of things I was worried about…

      That’s awesome, thanks Saeed! I shall endeavour to make all of them your favourite :).

  4. I spent three years working on an (aborted) Android phone project, and I can say with some authority that the Android OS is a horrible dog’s breakfast. iOS is far superior technically, and there’s a million times better hardware support for iDevices.

    That said, the entire (Canadian) smartphone market is inflated beyond all sense and sensibility, both at the device and carrier level. I wouldn’t own one if it wasn’t being paid for entirely by my employer. If you already have a flip phone and an iPod Touch, you can probably stop there.

    1. It’s true, I love my old flip phone. If the battery wasn’t dying, I’d consider keeping it.

      Thanks for the input!

  5. Since you aren’t tied to the apps….go with Android

    1. I’m a liiiiittle tied to apps… I’ve got the iPod touch and an iPad, you see.

  6. This strip is DIY all the way, Colin! Love it!

    1. Thanks Mark! It’s good to be handy :).

  7. But, but…I still need the iPhone 5.

  8. You just made me want to watch Beast Wars.

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