Podcast Episode 62 – Goober and Cindy pt. 2

goober and cindy podcast

The multi-talented Daniel of Goober and Cindy returns with awesome musical interludes and segments galore.

Please try to ignore how infected I sound…it’s not Captain Trips.

Because it’s awesome, here’s a link to Daniel’s post about the podcast.


twxxd Guitar Song
twxxd – Goober and Cindy Podcast Intro

I’m going to start working on writing Daniel a song myself now, just you wait 😉

~ B

Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.


4 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 62 – Goober and Cindy pt. 2

  1. We talked about the new members area, the star rating system and the new character Alex on “Gooberandcindy.com”.

    And we also dicussed our top 10 movies and The new Avengers movie.

    The following Goober and Cindy members came up in the podcast.

    Mark Stokes – http://www.zombieboycomics.com
    The Alvarez brothers – http://www.theobscuregentlemen.com
    Jerry Benedict – http://www.bunnywiggins.com
    Warren Frantz – http://www.OffSeasonComic.com
    Jenn – http://www.chinchatcomics.com
    drxtoon – http://drxtoon.com
    Denny Fincke – http://www.twittroomoon.com/TwitTroo
    Colleen – http://comix.dorkage.net
    Binky – http://www.comics.wombania.com
    Tony McGurk – http://thetasmanians.com

    Hidden refrences in top 10 reasons a webcomic artist does not update.

    Imagine Industries – http://imagine-industries.com
    Saeed Farizadeh – The frumps – http://www.thefrumps.com

    Movies metioned: the avengers, the dark knight rises, zodiak, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, inception, princess diaries, love and other drugs, The shawshank redemption, Donnie Darko, Fight club, District 9, The Matrix, The Departed, The Karate Kid (1984), Blazing Saddles, Space balls, Robin hood men in tights, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990, Ninja Turtles, Swordfish, Hackers, Batman: The Dark Knight, Crank, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Kick-Ass, Hot Shots, The Naked Gun, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971, The Boondock Saints, Jerry Maguire, The Karate Kid (2010), Star Wars, Tron legacy, Les Misérables, Amadeus, Taken, The Social Network, 17 again

    Actors: Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders, Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Billy Connolly, Willem Dafoe, Tom Cruise, Zack Efron, Thommas lennon.

    Directors: Joss Whedon, Christopher Nolan, Mel Brooks, David Fincher

    Tv shows/series: buffy the vampire slayer, angel, dollhouse, how i met your mother, Prison break, Reno 911

    Colin’s list
    Shawshank Redemption
    Donnie Darko
    District 9
    The Matrix
    The Departed
    Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original)
    Batman The Dark Knight

    Brandon’s list
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
    District 9
    Batman The Dark Knight
    Hot Shots: Part Deux
    The Naked Gun movies (if I have to pick one, 2 1/2)
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    The Watchmen
    The Matrix
    The Boondock Saints
    Daniel’s list
    1. Jerry Maguire
    2. The Karate kid (1984)
    3. Star Wars episode 4
    4. Tron legacy
    5. The shawshank redemption
    6. Les Misérables (1998)
    7. Amadeus (1984)
    8. Taken
    9. The Social Network
    10. 17 again

    Daniel Barton sings blues song refrences:

    Twxxd.com – http://www.twxxd.com
    The Frumps – http://www.thefrumps.com
    unicorn soup – http://www.unicorn-soup.com
    Zombie Boy – http://www.zombieboycomics.com
    Goober and Cindy – http://www.gooberandcindy.com
    the obscure gentlemen – http://theobscuregentlemen.com
    Imagine Industries – http://imagine-industries.com
    Mike Phearn – http://www.mikephearn.com
    Legacy Control – http://legacy-control.com

    Many thanks to:
    Joe momma – http://www.funnyfunnyfunny.proboards.com
    Andrei Esca – http://escaworks.com
    Mark Stokes – http://www.zombieboycomics.com
    Coleen Dick – http://comix.dorkage.net
    James Alvares – http://theobscuregentlemen.com
    Chur Yin Wan – http://www.gregcomic.com
    Hj̦rtur Hjartarson Рhttp://www.maniccomics.com
    Chris Kile – http://zanycomics.com

  2. Mentioning the Gentlemen once and then again in song makes you an honorary Gentlemen. Another great podcast. (mostly because we were mentioned again)

  3. This was a tremendous podcast, guys! The three of you work incredibly well together. I absolutely LOVE the special TWXXD song and am honored to have been mentioned! Just a total blast all the way around! Looking forward to your next podcast reunion!

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