Podcast Episode 63 – Mallville Rules

Gary and Mike of the super-powered Mallville Rules join us on this week’s twxxd podcast.

~ B

Intro by Alien7. Outro by Brandon and Steve.


10 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 63 – Mallville Rules

  1. I may not finish this one, and it it’s worse… Someone if FUCKING chewing and smacking their lips. If it is one of my cousins, I am going to punch you in the nuts next time we are together. Just FYI… this is at about 11-12 mins in BTW.


    1. Seems to have stopped. Your nuts are safe. 😉

  2. Ok… it is still happening… is it the dog? Damn I really want to listen to this, but I may have an aneurysm if I keep going….

  3. Nope… couldn’t do it… something or someone keeps making a lip smacking sound OR some random noise that sounds like it. My brain cannot make the distinction and has forced me, with fear of death, to shut it off…

    Sorry guys… I hope it was awesome…

    I is sad nows….

  4. Mallville is a a great comic! I’m loving this podcast, even with all the hilarious shenanigans at the top of the show. Or probably because of them.

  5. Gary answered my question correctly by saying the word Smize. I feel as if i’m now one with him.

    1. Heard that part. I wept for humanity… 😛

  6. Listening to it now. 🙂

    1. Rub and tug. hehe. 🙂 Colin, your nasty!
      starting now, now, Now! lol.
      Awesome soundboard. Hey Someones at the door.
      This is hilarious.
      Loved the false starts.
      This podcast is just nasty! 🙂
      Your laugh is gone. Boooooo!
      Lol. Mr. Ed.
      What. He pre gave you the questions you are supposed to ask?
      Just talked to Gary on facebook will listening to the podcast.
      No shirt on skype. Argh! lol.
      Bob saget – watching it on youtube.
      He is filthy! awesome.
      Saying: Worst podcast ever. lol!
      That boner explanation was very akward. 🙂
      You killed me? Colin!
      That me the last dude!
      Make the entire podcast as a ring tone. Awesome!
      It’s over right. Lol.

      Dudes this was a good podcast. Seriously.

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