I was at a travel clinic recently, and I was shocked by the number of posters on the wall advertising for vaccines, telling me all the horrible diseases I was going to get just for stepping outside of my door (or my continent, as it were). I’m glad I’m not a hypochondriac, but I can see becoming one if I spent too long with these materials.

I wonder what it’s like to be the person who creates these posters. “I really want to draw the eye to the pain and suffering associated with this illness”. I don’t think I could work for a pharmaceutical company…

On a nicer note, does anyone notice a couple of familiar faces in the posters :)?


When I was drawing this comic I thought to myself “heh, wouldn’t it be cool if I got Bearman in there for that charity challenge of his?” I think I’m just barely getting it in based on his recent updates, but still, happy to feature that crazy, green haired dude in this strip regardless.

But with a doctor theme, I had to throw Dr. Proctor of Addanac City in there too. I had a feeling his character would put his face on drug posters for all the right reasons, if you catch my drift 😉


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