GMO Label Required

Bawww, he’s actually kinda cute, in a derpy sort of way.

As we’ve noted several times before, B is an avid combiner of food stuffs. This is a guy who watches Epic Meal Time and makes notes.

I suppose I’m guilty of it as well.

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the flu season.


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  1. David

    Be grateful she hasn’t heard of the Turducken Ridiculous”

    Oh, wait :)

    This was the spawned creation of a radio show here in Sydney. All I will say about it is:

    So. Much. MEAT

    • boliver

      Holy crap….that looks awesome. That’s my kind of meat.

  2. Kristy

    Is Pickow milk bacon flavoured?? mmmm.. bacon.

    • boliver

      Oh yes, the bacon glands have been tied to the udders ;)

  3. ShadowBlade

    2 lbs of Stea-con Wings, please! Medium suace, blue cheese for dipping!

    • boliver

      And the blue cheese was made from the animal that made the wings ;)

  4. Justin

    This looks delicious. Now you need to make some sort of horrible potato monster we can slaughter for poutine.

    • boliver

      Adding this to my list of drawings to complete.

  5. Nekro13

    Bacon. chicken and steak? There is nothing wrong what so ever with that animal. Hell, there’s a new form of hotdog in it alone.

    • boliver

      Agreed. All your hotdog needs are in one place now.

  6. Julian

    Bacon from what looks like beef parts? That sounds delicious.

    • boliver

      I’m really looking forward to the bacon/beef/chicken wings.

  7. Chris K

    All wrapped into one! That would make a great sandwich!

    • boliver

      Sandwhiches, BBQ, one stuffed inside of another one…the possibilities are endless.

  8. The Code Crimson

    Any monstrosity with such a cute piggy tail is worth breaking all the laws of science.

    • boliver

      It is kinda cute.

  9. JerryBenedict

    Deliciousness will always supersede ethical considerations!

    • boliver

      Exactly. Ethics be damned…I’m hungry.


    Love the artwork! :)

    • boliver

      Thanks, Daniel!

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