GMO Label Required

Bawww, he's actually kinda cute, in a derpy sort of way. As we've noted several times before, B is an avid combiner of food stuffs. This is a guy who watches Epic Meal Time and makes notes. I suppose I'm guilty of it as well. I hope everyone is recovering nicely from the flu season. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

21 thoughts on “GMO Label Required

  1. Be grateful she hasn’t heard of the Turducken Ridiculous”

    Oh, wait 🙂

    This was the spawned creation of a radio show here in Sydney. All I will say about it is:

    So. Much. MEAT

    1. Holy crap….that looks awesome. That’s my kind of meat.

  2. Is Pickow milk bacon flavoured?? mmmm.. bacon.

    1. Oh yes, the bacon glands have been tied to the udders 😉

  3. 2 lbs of Stea-con Wings, please! Medium suace, blue cheese for dipping!

    1. And the blue cheese was made from the animal that made the wings 😉

  4. This looks delicious. Now you need to make some sort of horrible potato monster we can slaughter for poutine.

    1. Adding this to my list of drawings to complete.

  5. Bacon. chicken and steak? There is nothing wrong what so ever with that animal. Hell, there’s a new form of hotdog in it alone.

    1. Agreed. All your hotdog needs are in one place now.

  6. Bacon from what looks like beef parts? That sounds delicious.

    1. I’m really looking forward to the bacon/beef/chicken wings.

  7. All wrapped into one! That would make a great sandwich!

    1. Sandwhiches, BBQ, one stuffed inside of another one…the possibilities are endless.

  8. Any monstrosity with such a cute piggy tail is worth breaking all the laws of science.

    1. It is kinda cute.

  9. Deliciousness will always supersede ethical considerations!

    1. Exactly. Ethics be damned…I’m hungry.

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