Tough and Wiener – It’s Not the Size that Counts

Poor Caught Carl… I wonder what he did this time!

And it seems Wiener is good to have around for more than just wailing on crooks and opening pickle jars.

Just… don’t make fun of his car.


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  1. Michael Corley

    Ah, the secret clown car technique of crime fighting!

    • boliver

      Think of how much backup you could bring in the trunk alone.

  2. Schmuck Man

    A tight squeeze is not such a bad thing.

  3. Saeed

    Clearly not an American car.

    • boliver

      True. Otherwise it would be like a boat.

  4. Mark Stokes

    Wiener’s a cinch in a tight pinch.

    • boliver

      And doesn’t give bad guys an inch.

  5. James

    Is this story social commentary on the small penis that the police force wields to keep us all in check?

    • boliver

      It’s a hard job, but you gotta grab it, lube up and own it.

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