Wii MUde Swings

In my Wii U collection, every single game is either cutesy, kid-friendly fun, or a violent, bloody, giblet extravaganza. I'm not saying that every title fits into one of these categories... just the good ones (that aren't ports of previously released titles). If you switch rapidly between these titles, be warned, it may mess with your mood a bit. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

11 thoughts on “Wii MUde Swings

  1. That just genetics, cuz. 🙁 / (:

    Another great one here!

    1. Ai, ’tis true 😉

  2. The only option is to send it to ME to get better…. let me get you my mailing address…

    1. Oh, I see. I should probably send money too. Where’s my credit card… :p

  3. This is a function of Nintendo’s rather odd market position right now: they’re traditionally a kid’s video game company, but they also have the most powerful deck on the market currently and can’t ignore the hardcore adult gamers.

    Personally I’d love to see actual revenue figures for the Wii. The console outsold the XBox360 and PS3, but it’s the games where console manufacturers make their money. I suspect that MS and Sony made a lot more money in total off of last generation’s consoles than Nintendo did, and Nintendo is trying to go after some of the AAA title market.

    1. Agreed, it would be interesting to see those numbers. I know (especially before the Wii U came out) I was spending most of my gaming on the 360.

  4. Did you like ZombieU? I wasn’t a big fan. It was just irritating and ugly to me. Ninja Gaiden 3 is…really hard I take it?

    1. Loving it. Once I got it I was sucked in to it’s cruel ways. Of course, I’m still not done it and for some reason these days I’m being showered with items from other dead players. C did not have the same experience but still enjoyed it.

      Ninja Gaiden 3 is just like all the others…definitely difficult.

  5. So this is what I will get to look forward to when I buy one.

    1. Oh yeah. But it really is a lot of fun.

  6. It happens to the best of us. Love the expressions, especially in the first panel.

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