Back in Cack

BUY A PRINT I return! My trip to Europe was just lovely. You'll see some pictures in an upcoming TWT :). And Brandon has been busy while I've been gone. Oh so busy. To be honest with you, it's not ALL penises... we have alluded in podcasts to a super secret summer project we're working on. And while I'm not at liberty to divulge too many details, I can tell you that it's a limited run non-comedy strip that's going to be taking over our Wednesday slot for a while, and we're super duper excited about it. More details very soon ;). ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

20 thoughts on “Back in Cack

  1. Penises seems to be popular topic on the interwebs these days.

    1. It’s penis-sheik

  2. It’s a PEGAPENIS!

    1. I don’t know… are you sure it’s not a… COCKATRICE?

  3. Great works of art are created in your absence.

    1. Guess I need to go on vacation more often to keep them… ugh… flowing…

  4. NON Comedy….now I am worried. How will you write without penis jokes?

    1. They’re our bread and… ugh… butter…

  5. If you draw it more than three times, you’re playing with it.

    1. Then I don’t even want to classify what he’s been doing.

  6. Wings like a maxi-pad. It could be a maxi-penis.

    Thanks for this one, I LOLed.

    1. You’re welcome! A service we are happy to provide.

  7. Oooh I can’t wait to know more about your super secret project!

    1. Thanks Sareen! We’re pretty excited too :).

  8. Wow. Loving the new look of the strip. Welcome back Colin. Hope Europe didn’t hurt you too much.

    1. Don’t worry, Europe hurt so good.

  9. I’ve always heard that the penis is mightier than the sword, but I never believed it until now.

    1. Just the same, I don’t think I’d want to see those two things go head to head ;).

  10. This is either too immature or way too intelligent for me!

    1. I assure you, it’s the former.

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