Seriously Jon...we can only take so much. You gotta figure if Garfield isn't over the edge with that guy, he must be damn close by now. ~ B Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

35 thoughts on “Downer

  1. John will kill him first before turning the gun on himself.

    1. Lol, oh boy, that just got dark.

  2. I think Jon actually heard Garfield this time. We can only hope, anyway…

    1. Might mean he tries leaving the table…let alone the house.

  3. Garfield minus Garfield is funnier.

    I’d say Davis needs to quit while he’s ahead but that point was reached a decade or two ago.

    1. I’m a big fan of Garfield minus Garfield for sure.

  4. I know, right? Garfield is so much more interesting than poor John. I’m surprised Garfield hasn’t gone phycho and killed them all. Especially Odie.

    1. And I’m pretty sure cats are already sociopaths…what does that say about a big talking orange one that eats lasagna?

  5. I love the way you draw Jon and Garfield. I was always jealous that such a popular strip could get away with so many comics taking place at a table. You draw half the character, a line …. BOOM! Your strip is done.

    1. Thanks, Stephen!

      Yeah, I think I’m just going to start drawing all my strips like this. I’m just going to replace Garfield and Jon’s heads with Keith and Edward 😉 Then I can do 5 strips a week!

  6. Where you all been Jon has had a girlfriend for at least the last 5 years. Don’t know if that means he actually got laid or not.

    1. As far as I saw when I was looking up current Garfield strips all they do is sit and watch T.V. :S

  7. HA. Brandon, you’ve topped yourself. This is seriously awesome.

    1. Thank ya sir.

  8. The one thing I liked about the Garfield movie was that they made Jon not quite such a loser. And Jennifer Love Hewitt was super cute.

    1. I’ve never seen it…might have to sometime while mildly intoxicated.

      1. Tried it once….woke up in a hospital getting my guts pumped out due to the alcohol poisoning.

  9. Whatever happened to Lyman?

    1. Who???

      1. Lyman was a regular character in the first couple of years of the strip. He was John’s best friend and Odie’s owner. Then he just stopped showing up one day and Odie was suddenly John’s dog.

        Fan consensus is that John killed him and stuffed his body in the crawlspace.

  10. You’ve seen Garfield minus Garfield, yes?

    1. Indeed I have..I am a fan 🙂

  11. …or I could read teh comments…

  12. Man, I thought the days of bashing the depressed were over? This comic feels like you’re desperately trying to be edgy which I am pretty sure by now everyone agrees is super-lame. A virgin joke? Please, go stick a transformer up it!

    Compassion doesn’t bring in the website views though.

    1. Ok, first the serious part. What I’m actually doing here is making fun of the fact that Jon is a one dimensional character or “Flanderized” to the point where no one, even Garfield, would be able to put up with it for this long. I am in no way making fun of or bashing depressed people in real life. This is a cartoon. I’m sorry if you felt otherwise.

      Now for the fun part. Ok, so everyone, TurboButt here wants you to know that “everyone” agrees that trying to be “edgy” is “super-lame”. I think we should all take TurboButt’s comments very seriously and think about how virgin jokes and “edgitude” are no longer needed because “everyone” says so. I will absolutely involve a Transformer (one of my many) in my next sexual escapade so long as it’s consensual.

      I have plenty of compassion, but none for fictional characters.

    2. I think turbobutts comment should be removed. Anyone second this motion?

      1. I second it so hard…so so hard. Also his name is insensitive toward people with extremely fast hind quarters.

  13. With how old Garfield is, he must be longing for the sweet embrace of death!… or I wonder if he regenerates like the Doctor?

  14. I wonder what a Jon hairball would look like? Great job, Brandon!


    You drew them spot on, great job!

  16. Hey, great copyright infringement. I’m just Jim Davis will be happy to know you’re using Garfield on your little site, even pasted your own Copyright in there I see.

    Would probably be wise to stop stealing characters for your own strip, expect the C&D to come very soon.

    1. First of all, I’m sure you’re not “just Jim Davis”. But for now, since you’ve written so badley on the internet, I’ll just refer to you as Jim Davis for now…or maybe just Copy Jim since you’re not really Jim Davis?

      This is a work of Parody (a mockery or lampoon, if you will), so I’m applying my copyright to this as a work of parody and not to the characters Garfield or Jon. I actually did draw this strip instead of using existing sprites so I hope I’m entitled to a little credit on that. I tried to keep the format as similar as possible to be true to the source material, which let me re-state I did not originally create.

      Second, I did include the original copyright for PAWS Inc. so people would know that I’m not claiming to have created, or in any way own Garfield. Of course any assumption like that would just be stupid.

      Copy Jim, I’ll try to remember that featuring any character I didn’t create in a strip for the purpose of parody constitutes “stealing” for the future. You know, your insane, draconian, PIPA/SOPA ridden future where you are ze copy fuhrer. But first, go, quickly, let every other comic on the internet know that the millions of comics making fun of video-game/comic/cartoon characters are currently “stealing”. I’m sure Penny-Arcade will get a laugh out of that.

      Please do some research before accusing people of stealing.

      And if the real Jim Davis does show up (or his affiliates) I’ll consider it a true honour and would be happy to talk to them if they think I’m out of line.

  17. Yes…stop stealing for your personal gain…oh wait…this is a free comic.

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