Gentleman’s Gesture

BUY A PRINT These chaps like their tea how they like their women. Hot, and with milk and sugar. Apparently, in England, a fist bump is also called a "Spud". I love Wikipedia. ~C Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, eh ;) Share/Bookmark

24 thoughts on “Gentleman’s Gesture

  1. I prefer my “tea” hot and wet.

    1. He he, yes…”tea” 😉

  2. Americans traditionally enjoy their “tea” by throwing it in droves into harbors. We’re such romantics.

    1. Sounds like a delicious swim to me.

  3. I like their style, quite unfortunate it is uncommon now.

    1. Sometimes you’ve got to bring classy back. I’ve been thinking about getting a monocle.

  4. Ha ha ha, what, what and all that!

    1. Chip, chip, cheery ho, yo.

  5. Wow! It’s like you had a camera set up in my house!:D

    1. Wait how did you kn…err…yes, it’s like that.

  6. I’m suing you for all of your Optimus Prime figures and variants. Also two Megatrons and 8 Grimlocks.

    1. Lol, our “Gentlemanly” infringement won’t go unpunished, eh? What if I say, offer you some poutine and beer?

      It’s funny, I think there are exactly 8 Grimlocks that I own. Now I need to go home and count.

      1. You have now paid me off. My attorneys will stay put for now.

  7. Last time I saw a pinky finger stick out like that, they told me it was called a “shocker”…

    1. He he, that is a different “gentleman’s gesture”.

  8. Top drawer, old bean, top drawer!

  9. Nice one! Good looking cups of tea!

    1. Thanks, Daniel.

  10. They really knew how to rage in those days. A spud??? That’s what we call potatoes

    1. Little known fact…they normally had actual potatoes on their fists at the time.

  11. Fist pumping like a sir!

    1. Damn straight 🙂

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